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The Willow Creek Fire Safe Council is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping residents of the greater Willow Creek area protect their homes, lives and community from wildland fire. We provide information and community activities to increase awareness of wildfire risk and ways to reduce hazards. We work in collaboration with area residents, private property owners, public and private agencies, organizations and businesses to plan and implement projects to create a community resilient to wildfire.

We are incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in the State of California. Willow Creek Fire Safe Council is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) as a public charity. The State of California Franchise Tax Board has determined us to be income tax exempt under the California Revenue and Taxation Code section 23701d. 

Our Mission


The  Mission of the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council is to reduce wildfire risk and increase survivability by implementing fuels reduction projects and encouraging residents of the greater Willow Creek area to make their homes, neighborhoods, and community fire safe.


  1.  Increase community awareness and understanding of both the benefits and threats of wildland fire
  2. Educate residents on ways to protect their lives and property from loss to catastrophic wildfire
  3.  Generate individual and community action to reduce wildfire hazards and plan emergency response
  4.  Reduce wildfire hazards by removing flammable vegetation around homes and evacuation routes
  5.  Enhance communication between the public and federal, state, county and local agencies to identify and prioritize hazard reduction projects and coordinate community planning
  6. Develop and monitor a Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the greater Willow Creek area to address hazard mitigation, community preparedness, structure protection and wildfire response
  7. Engage the youth of our community in fire prevention by providing activities and educational opportunities related to fire safety and protection of natural resources

Board of Directors

  • Tom O'Gorman, President 
  • Tanya Ferguson, Vice President
  • Susan Abbott, Treasurer
  • Joe O'Hara, Director 
  • Don Darst, Director
  • Lisa Roberts, Director
  • Paul Abbott, Director

*Barbara Darst, Secretary

Contact Us

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

PO Box 224, Willow Creek, CA 95573, US

(707 499-0767