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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council
Meeting Notes

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

December 3, 2009


Call to Order: President Joe O’Hara called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. at the ranch room behind the USFS Lower Trinity Ranger Station. Joe presented outgoing board member John Amos with a certificate of appreciation for his continuous support and service to the WCFSC.

Attendance: Quorum present

Board members present: Joe O’Hara, Barbara Darst, Laurel Reimann, Susan Abbott, John Johnston, Pat O’Hara, Guy Conversano

Board members absent: None

Others present: Paul Abbott, John Amos, Joy Brunner, Don Darst, Tom O’Gorman, Andrew Spain

Lower Trinity Ranger District Report: Andrew Spain distributed information about the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), with an approved practice list. More information is available on the NRCS website. Tyrone Kelley signed the Waterman West Project public scoping document, which is posted on the Six Rivers NF website.

Minutes: Minutes of the November 5, 2009 regular meeting of the board of directors were distributed to board members prior to this meeting. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion carried.

President’s Report: Joe O’Hara reported the following -

Four WCFSC members will attend the Northwest Regional Fire Safe Council Conference on December 10-11 in Fortuna.

VFW hall rent for the St. Patrick’s dinner/dance is not confirmed. Joe will follow up.

Treasurer’s Report:

Laurel Reimann distributed a profit and loss statement for November and a balance sheet as of November 30, 2009. Report filed with the minutes.

Laurel will contact Andrea Ralph to ask what she would charge to audit our books.

Laurel, Barbara and Susan are willing to help develop a budget for 2010.

Vice President’s Report: Barbara Darst reported the following -

November SWAP Project - On November 21 a SWAP crew and WCFSC volunteers worked several hours clearing brush along Oak Lane on Louie Walton’s property. The brush was hauled to Tom McKnight’s for composting.

CalFire’s Chipper - The chipper is at High Rock Camp for repairs. The WCFSC will be responsible for some of the cost of the repairs.

Holiday Fire Safety - Barbara will submit the press release from the National Fire Protection Association’s web site to the local media.

Clearinghouse Grant - Barbara distributed a list of grant budget items for discussion. She signed and submitted the grant contract prior to the deadline.

Guy Conversano and Paul Abbott agreed to assist in developing a contract for the fuels reduction projects in the grant.

Cybelle Immitt is anxious to begin working with a CWPP community liaison to set up neighborhood meetings. Following discussion, it was moved (Pat O’Hara) and seconded (Guy Conversano) that Barbara Darst contact Cybelle Immitt to obtain a job description for the community liaison position. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business:

Web Site - Andrew Spain, in behalf of webmaster Dan Wooden, asked for comments and suggestions about the willowcreekfsc.org website.

Lions Club Casino Night - Following discussion, it was moved (John Johnston and seconded (Barbara Darst) that WCFSC’s fund-raising food booth menu include hot dogs and chili. Motion carried.

New Business:

Brush Chipping Request- Paul Abbott has talked with Mike Carroll, who has cut brush on his lot in Trinity Village and requests help from the WCFSC to chip it, an estimated day’s worth of work. Action on this request is pending someone from the FSC looking at the project.

Christmas Tree Chipping - Andrew Spain suggested a community service project for the WCFSC to chip discarded evergreen Christmas trees for local residents. This would reduce the fire hazard posed by dry trees tossed in the yard or along roads after Christmas. Following discussion, it was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to provide chipping or hauling of discarded Christmas trees as a public service to the residents of the local area. Motion carried. Joe O’Hara agreed to be the contact person. Andrew Spain will help with publicity.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Susan Abbott, Secretary