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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council
Meeting  Minutes

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

November 5, 2009


Call to Order: President Joe O’Hara called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the ranch room behind the USFS Lower Trinity Ranger Station, following a community meeting led by Humboldt County Planner Cybelle Immitt for input for revision of the Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan and to begin Willow Creek’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Attendance: Quorum present

Board members present: Joe O’Hara, Barbara Darst, Laurel Reimann, Susan Abbott, John Johnston, Pat O’Hara

Board members absent: Guy Conversano,

Others present: Paul Abbott, Dan Wooden, Mike Beasley, Andrew Spain, Gina Moon, Jamie Mackenzie

Lower Trinity Ranger District Report: Dan Wooden and Andrew Spain reported on the district’s controlled burning. Waterman West Project planning continues. Six Rivers National Forest is collaborating with Shasta-Trinity National Forest related to updating Trinity County’s CWPP.

Minutes: Minutes of the October 1, 2009 regular meeting of the board of directors were distributed to board members prior to this meeting. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion carried.

President’s Report: Joe O’Hara reported the following -

The Northwest Regional Fire Safe Council Conference is December 10-11 in Fortuna.

Our Fire Safe Day Fair and Youth Fishing Derby banners require modification. Cost estimate will be obtained prior to the January board meeting.

Correspondence has been received from Tom McKnight , owner of McKnight Logging and Construction, requesting a letter to support his application for a 2010 Woody Biomass Utilization Grant to purchase a horizontal grinder. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (Pat O’Hara) for the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council to write a letter of support. Motion carried.

Tom Smithey has 32 cases of Thermo-Gel for sale at $126 each. They have a shelf life of three years and are one year old. No board member supports purchase.

Treasurer’s Report:

Laurel Reimann distributed a profit and loss statement for January through October 2009 and a balance sheet as of November 5, 2009. There were no bank deposits or debits in the month of October. Report filed with the minutes.

Vice President’s Report: Barbara Darst reported the following -

Clearinghouse Grant - Our 2010 USFS-ES grant starting date is October 1, 2009, so volunteer time spent planning the projects counts towards our match beginning that date. We should receive our grant contract by mid-month, then Barbara will initiate the CEQA application.

October SWAP Project - SWAP crew and WCFSC volunteers spent 5 hours on October 16 clearing brush on Louie Walton’s Patterson Road property. Work will continue when SWAP is available, tentatively November 20.

Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce Dues - Annual dues of $70 for organizational membership is payable now. Following discussion, it was moved (John Johnston) and seconded (Susan Abbott) to pay $70 for the WCFSC’s annual Chamber of Commerce dues. Motion carried. Barbara Darst will continue to represent the WCFSC.

Unfinished Business:

Election of Officers of the Corporation - Following discussion, and with no further nominations from the floor, it was moved (Pat O’Hara) and seconded (John Johnston) that the current officers be elected to serve their second consecutive one year terms. Motion carried. President Joe O’Hara, Vice President Barbara Darst, Treasurer Laurel Reimann, and Secretary Susan Abbott were elected by unanimous vote.

Mission Statement - Susan Abbott presented the draft revised mission statement and objectives, followed by group discussion with suggestions for modifications. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (Laurel Reimann) to adopt the Mission Statement and Objectives as follows:

The mission of the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council is to reduce wildfire risk and increase survivability by implementing fuels reduction projects and encouraging residents of the Willow Creek area to make their homes, neighborhoods and communities fire safe.”


* Increase community awareness and understanding of both the benefits and threats of wildland fire

* Educate residents on ways to protect their lives and property from loss to catastrophic wildland fire

* Generate individual and community action to reduce wildfire hazards and plan for emergency response

* Reduce wildfire hazards by removing flammable vegetation around homes and evacuation routes

* Enhance communication between the public and federal, state, county and local agencies to identify and prioritize hazard reduction projects and co-ordinate community planning

* Develop and monitor a Community Wildfire Protection Plan for the Willow Creek area to address hazard mitigation, community preparedness, structure protection and wildfire response

* Engage the youth of our communities in fire prevention by providing activities and educational opportunities related to fire safety and protecting natural resources

Motion carried.

Fire Safe Day Fair Grants - John Johnston obtained an estimate of $3,103 for a metal garage to store FSC equipment. This could possibly be included in the grant request Rebecca Cape is preparing. Pat O’Hara and Barbara Darst will see about submitting an application for a youth grant through the Humboldt Area Foundation.

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner/Dance - The VFW is requesting $250 for rent of their hall for the March 2010 fund raiser. This is $200 more than they charged us for rent in March 2009. Joe O’Hara will request a reduced rental fee.

Welcome Sign for Willow Creek - Barbara Darst checked with the Willow Creek Community Services District about the status of the sign. It’s still on hold. WCFSC will offer volunteers to help erect the sign when all hurdles are cleared.

Web Site - Dan Wooden, at his own expense, got a website up and running for the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council. Website is www.willowcreekfsc.org. He is willing to maintain the website for one year to see how it goes over. Following discussion, it was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (Pat O’Hara) to authorize Dan Wooden to establish and maintain the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council website at no cost to the council for one year, until October 30, 2010. Motion carried.

New Business:

Lions Club Casino Night - The WCFSC has been invited to have a fund-raising concession at this community event held at the VFW hall on January 30, 2010. It was moved (Susan Abbott) and seconded (Pat O’Hara) to have a food concession at the Lions Club Casino Night. Motion carried.

Conflict of Interest Statements - Susan Abbott distributed Conflict of Interest Statements to be signed by each board member annually as required in our bylaws.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.