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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council
Meeting  Minutes

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting

October 1, 2009

Call to Order: President Joe O’Hara called the meeting to order at 6:52 p.m. at the ranch room behind the USFS Lower Trinity Ranger Station, following a 6:00 p.m. potluck supper for members and guests.

Attendance: Quorum is 9 members (1/3 of 26 members). A quorum is present.

Members Present: Joe O’Hara, Pat O’Hara, Paul Abbott, Susan Abbott, John Amos, Joy Brunner, Barbara Darst, John Johnston, Dan Wooden

Guests Present: Randi Paris, Mike Beasley, Andrew Spain, Jennifer Spain, Rebecca Cape, Maureen O’Hara, Charlotte Krupp, and Byron Hadwick

Minutes: Minutes of the October 2, 2008 annual membership meeting and the November 6, 2008 special membership meeting were distributed to members prior to this meeting. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to approved the minutes as distributed. Motion carried.

Open Discussion: Byron Hadwick, National Resource Conservation Service’s co-ordinator for the Northwest California Resource Conservation & Development Council in Weaverville, asked for comments related to the agreement by the RC&D to assist the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council with technical assistance and funding sources to develop a Fire and Fuel Management Plan. The NCRC&D has the ability to search for grants to support fire safe council projects. Those in attendance requested help from the NCRC&D to obtain funding for a down river fire and fuels assessment for the Lower Trinity area in Humboldt County, such as that done by Ken Baldwin, licensed forester and consultant, for Trinity County’s CWPP.

Election of Board Members - President Joe O’Hara presented the nominating committee’s three candidates for director for two year terms expiring in 2011: Susan Abbott, Guy Conversano, and Pat O’Hara. There was no response to the invitation to make nominations from the floor. It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to close the nomination. Motion carried.

John Amos and Joy Brunner were appointed as tellers. They distributed written ballots to members and tallied the vote. The tellers’ report is attached to the minutes.

Each of the three nominees received a majority of the votes cast and is therefore elected.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Susan Abbott, Secretary