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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council
Meeting  Minutes

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

April 2, 2009


Call to Order: President Joe O’Hara called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. at the Trinity Valley Elementary School multipurpose room, following the membership/community meeting. Waiver of notice and consent to holding the meeting at this date, time and location, signed by all seven board members, is attached to these minutes.

Attendance: Quorum present

Board members present: Joe O’Hara, Barbara Darst, Laurel Reimann, Susan Abbott,

Paul Abbott, John Amos, John Johnston

Board members absent: none

Others present: Dillon Lewis, Don Darst, Pat O’Hara, Joy Brunner, Andy Sadie

Minutes: Minutes of the March 5, 2009 regular meeting of the board of directors were distributed to board members prior to this meeting.

It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to approve the minutes as written. Motion carried.

It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (Paul Abbott) to rescind the motion made at the March 5, 2009 board meeting to hold the membership/community meeting on Saturday, April 4 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. at either the VFW hall or the Willow Creek Community Service District office. Motion carried with all board members voting in favor.

President’s Report:

Joe O’Hara attended the USFS social mixer in Eureka on March 24, the Willow Creek Community Services District board meeting on March 26, and the Weaverville Fire Safe Council meeting on March 26. The Weaverville FSC plans to have a booth at the Fire Safe Day Fair.

Joe has ordered material from Firewise.

Joe & Pat O’Hara and Don & Barbara Darst visited the Bill Lewinson/Joe Ambrose property on Friday Ridge Road, following up on their request for help with brush removal. The FSC could consider brushing in areas of the property away from the springs.

Barbara Darst shared information from her contact with SWAP (Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program). SWAP is available for work on private property only adjacent to exit roads to maintain safe emergency egress. Their focus is on projects benefitting the community at large. SWAP is willing to provide a crew to work with the FSC one day a month through the summer.

Following discussion about SWAP it was moved (Laurel Reimann) and seconded (John Johnston) that the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council partner with SWAP on appropriate projects. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Laurel Reimann distributed a balance sheet as of April 2, 2009 and a financial report for the March 14 St. Patrick’s Day dinner & dance. Both reports are attached to the minutes.

Following discussion it was moved (John Johnston) and seconded (Paul Abbott) to approve expenditures for the dinner/dance. Motion carried.

It was moved (John Johnston) and seconded (Susan Abbott) to reimburse Barbara Darst $115.66 for purchase of ribbons for the Fire Safe Day Fair poster contest. Motion carried.

Following discussion it was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) that funds received by the Fire Safe Council be deposited in the FSC’s account by the treasurer. Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:

Susan Abbott reported the FSC’s sellers permit was received from the State Board of Equalization a few days prior to the St. Patrick’s Day dinner & dance. Our BOE account number is SR JH 101-207693. Sales tax for 2009 is due by January 31, 2010.

A letter was mailed to FSC members on March 13, 2009 which included invitation to tonight’s membership/community meeting and giving notice that membership will terminate April 30, 2009 if dues for 2009 are not paid by that date.

IRS Form 990N has been submitted for the corporation for 2008.

Annual Registration Renewal Form RRF-1 has been filed with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts. Copies of the form were given to board members. Susan is checking with the Registry to see if we are required to submit an IRS form 990 EZ to the registry, even though we are not required to file it with the IRS.

It was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (Laurel Reimann) to pay Nancy’s Bookkeeping to assist with the IRS form 990 EZ if it is required by the Registry of Charitable Trusts. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Fire Safe Day Fair & Kids Ecology Day - Chairman Pat O’Hara distributed a written report, followed by discussion. Cash donations have been received from Umpqua Bank ($50), Roland Grubb, DDS ($40) and Tom’s Trash ($25). Prospective participant agencies and vendors will be contacted by email or letter.

Youth Fishing Derby - Chairman Barbara Darst presented a written progress report with a list of cash and merchandise donations to date. Bigfoot Lions Club is providing liability insurance for the derby.

Grants - Barbara Darst distributed a written grant update. She has submitted Youth Summer Program Grant applications to the Humboldt Area Foundation for $500 and to the Trinity Trust for $400 to purchase equipment for the Youth Fishing Derby (canopies, tables and chairs). This equipment could also be used for other FSC events. She and Joe O’Hara are researching private property ownership of parcels tentatively included in the clearinghouse fuels reduction grant proposal.

Unfinished Business

PG&E Grant - Laurel Reimann is in the process of submitting this grant.

New Business

Proposed Downtown Project - Barbara Darst distributed a written fact finding for a tentative hazardous vegetation removal project behind downtown businesses south of Hwy 299. Report filed with the minutes.

Chipper Days for 2009 - Joe O’Hara said Tom O’Gorman has offered his property on Hwy 96 as a chipping site for the Friday Ridge and downtown projects. Other possible chipper day locations discussed include Hodgson Hill and Brannan Mountain. Laurel Reimann noted PG&E will donate $2,000 for neighborhood chipper days upon submission of our grant request.

Following discussion it was moved (Barbara Darst) and seconded (John Johnston) to set July 18 and August 15 as tentative chipper days, locations to be determined. Motion carried.

Donation Request from Hoopa High School - Request received for donation of $150 to purchase advertising to support the athletic program. Following discussion it was decided not to make this donation due to current FSC finances.

Adjournment: Upon motion (Barbara Darst) and second (John Johnston) the meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Susan Abbott, Secretary