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Willow Creek Fire Safe Council


The Willow Creek Fire Safe Council, is recruiting an community liaison to facilitate the development of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  Acting as an independent contractor, the incumbent will be responsible for facilitation of community meetings to collect information about fire hazards in Willow Creek and surrounding communities. 

Additionally, the candidate for this position will review county fire protection plans and associated fire planning maps for Willow Creek and surrounding communities.  The candidate will also review the Firewise certification process requirements for Firewise Plan.

The end result of the CWPP development process will be a written document, including maps, that consolidates the information collected through the community meetings into a cohesive document that helps the Fire Safe Council identify and prioritize fuels reduction projects in Willow Creek and the surrounding communities.


The primary location for this position is Willow Creek and the surrounding communities.   The Fire Safe Council currently has scheduled community meetings in Willow Creek and Burnt Ranch.  Additionally, the candidate may be expected to travel to the communities of Salyer , Hawkins Bar, and Trinity Village to advertise meetings and collect input for the Community Wildfire Protection Plan


The ideal candidate for this position will have past experience in facilitating meetings, collecting information from diverse groups of people, and consolidating information into written documents.

Additional skills that will be useful for the ideal candidate will be the ability to take notes, gather data, and organize information.  


The compensation for this position will be $5000.00, paid in a lump sum at the end of the CWPP process.  This $5000.00 is intended to cover all position expenses, including wages, travel, and other expenses.

Compensation for this position will be paid out of grant money collected by the Willow Creek Fire Safe Council specifically categorized for the development of a CWPP. 


The Fire Safe Council is looking to fill this position as soon as possible.  Community meetings have already been scheduled beginning in early February and continuing into March.  Final development of the CWPP will continue through June and the CWPP should be completed by June 30th, 2010.

To Apply

To apply for this position,  submit a resume and cover letter describing your skills for the position.   The selection process will include reviewing references,  and an interview by members of the board of the Fire Safe Council.  Applications must be received by Friday January 22nd at  5:00 PM.   Applications can be emailed to barbaradarst@yahoo.com,  hand delivered to Joe O’Hara (530) 629-3438, or mailed to:

Willow Creek Fire Safe Council

PO Box 224

Willow Creek, CA. 95573.